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Reasons to be an ESL Teacher

Here it is! The blog dedicated to my amazing students who have given me a reason to get up in the morning and go to work. These are the students who are truly special, wonderful human beings and I will never, ever forget their love and kindness.


Thank you, guys. This post is for you, the students who:

1. invite me out for coffees randomly.

2. treated me to a meal to celebrate me getting my Permanent Residency visa.

3. surprised me with an amazingly decadent chocolate cake on my birthday at school, and we celebrated with the whole class. They even got me a “singing” candle! *tears of joy*

4.  knew when I was stressed out or down, and brought me chocolates just to cheer me up. *thank you thank you thank you*

5. sang karaoke with me 🙂

6. wrote funny stories with me in them to make me laugh.

7. dressed up for Halloween even though 99% of the students in class didn’t.

8. made the excursion to the Fremantle Prison and fun and memorable one.

9. gave me plenty of hugs and “I love you”s.

10. wrote such lovely messages in my Christmas card – and the student who actually bought the card and went around getting everyone in class to sign it without me even knowing. What a lovely surprise!

11. invited me to stay with them if I ever visited their country. Brazil, Colombia, Taiwan, Japan and Korea, here I come!!

12. gave me hand massages (and even a shoulder massage once!) Hehe. Sometimes, you do get spoiled in this job!


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