My Own Drum

New Year, New Blog


So I used to blog about my (mis)adventures in Australia/Perth during the 2009-2010 period in a blog titled Naya In Australia.

Well, since my Working Holiday has been over since early November, and I’ve been a layabout/bum since then, I decided to just start a regular ol’ blog to write about anything and everything to do with my life, day-to-day (or week-to-week / month-to-month depending how diligent I am at updating the damn thing). You know, a blog like all the other blogs out there.

Except. This is MY blog. My life. My style. It’s bound to be a bit iffy-stiffy. Because that’s how I like things. I’d like to think I won’t censor myself as much (of course, I still need to otherwise all hell will break loose – and besides, that’s what I have my top secret blog for that NO ONE knows about *wink*).

I just want to write how I think and feel and I don’t care if it offends, sounds stupid, is nonsensical, or uninteresting. Because goddammit I want to have a place to post some meandering, gibberish-ridden babble that interests only me. Why the hell not?

This is my drum and I’ll play whatever beat I want on it, however retarded and offbeat.


Can’t wait to start crapping all over this thing! LOL 🙂